About Us

A.Net Solutions Inc.™
Software Development Company.

A.Net Solutions is a Canadian company founded in September 1999 and headquartered in the National Capital Region (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada). Our company has been providing a wide range of business and information technology services within Canada, Great Britain and the USA including enterprise, and IT infrastructure support, security support, and professional services support.

Today, the digital age is revolutionizing the management of documents and records. Electronic document and records management is creating new operational models, complex challenges and unprecedented legal issues which our clients are now facing.

A.Net Solutions develops tracking solutions and provides software and ancillary IT professional services to both public and private entities. DataByDesign Tracking Solutions™ (DataByDesign) is our new, state of the art document tracking solution which replaces our successful, but aging, WebCIMS™/WebDocFlow™ software.

A.Net Solutions delivers experience, knowledge, today’s cutting edge technologies and best practices. We offer solutions that positively increase productivity and efficiencies while decreasing your overall costs. Solutions are scalable and can be leveraged with your existing organizational structure and workflow.

Case Management

We deliver effective case management tools that can drive costs down, as it rapidly improves business processes; to provide a wide range of opportunities to increase efficiency/revenue through greater real-time visibility into organization operations.

Business Process

We speed up your business processes; to allow you to know the status of important files/transactions at any given time; to create process efficiencies in your company and eliminate costly delays.

Correspondence Management

We track all the incoming and outgoing Correspondence of your organization and make them available to all application users, according to their roles and access rights; to create an audit trail of correspondence received and sent.

Document Management

Our Document Management system offers real-world cost and space savings, easy retrieval of documents.