Tracking Solutions

A.Net Solutions™ has recently launched DataByDesign Tracking Solutions™, the completely new, state of the art document tracking solution which features Case Management, Correspondence Management, Workflow, and Document Management capabilities. A.Net Solutions™ also owns and provides support for WebCIMS (Canada), WebDocFlow (USA).

DataByDesign Tracking Solutions

Dynamic User Interface

Dynamically configure your solution by building screens to suit your business practices. The application is designed for ease of use. DataByDesign was created with users in mind, and as such we have added functionality to make your tracking needs trouble free, including: drag and drop functionality, a tab format to make page navigation simple, and a completely configurable user interface to suit all of your organizational needs.

Multi-Layered Security

Because your data is mission-critical to your organization, we built enterprise-grade security into the architecture of DataByDesign. The multilayered security network infrastructure protects client data and privacy by creating a permissions hierarchy including: Users, Groups, Roles, and field level security.



The Workflow tool provides a greater level of accountability and speed to your business processes. You configure the workflows according to your business process rules in order to automate the flow of work through the organization. It keeps track of in-queue, in progress, overdue and completed tasks. This allows you to see the status of any, or all, of your cases, correspondence, issues, and clients at any given time.

Document Management

The Document Management tool allows users to work on one or multiple documents simultaneously through: Version Control, Full Text Indexing for quick content retrieval, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) of scanned images, Securing Information and Documents, Drag & Drop functionality and Batch Uploading of documents.

Searching and Reporting

The Searching and Reporting tool provides comprehensive searching and reporting on all aspects of the system including containers, clients, institutions, tasks, and documents. The content of documents can also be searched with DataByDesign’s integrated full-text indexing. Search results can be generated in any number of report styles to suit your needs. You can easily create your own reports, or choose from DataByDesign’s standard reports, which can be viewed online, mailed to a corporate email address, returned as database tables for power users, or downloaded directly to the workstation.

Application Integration Services

Out of the box services to build and integrate automated business processes by exchanging messages and documents between disparate applications, within or across organizational boundaries.

WebCIMS & WebDocFlow

WebCIMS and WebDocFlow will give your organization a solution with powerful workflow, searching, and reporting tools which will simplify the task of running the day-to-day operations of any organization.


Features Include:

  • Due-date feature helps to ensure that projects are completed on time,
  • Documents can be versioned, track progression from each version,
  • Fully customizable to suit all your organizations tracking needs,
  • Very easy to configure and maintain the solutions in house,
  • Excellent security features with authorized access to information.